Our story


I'm Sabina

and I would like to introduce myself to you in a slightly unconventional way. I am 23 years old and a few years ago I became more interested in topics such as self-confidence, self-love or self-care. I think you, as a woman, also know how important all these concepts are.

Between these years I studied and worked. However, I was not engaged in work that would fulfill me, and since there was little time, and it was necessary to devote it mainly to work and study, I did not have time for myself. I have always wanted to pamper myself, take more care of myself or simply spend more time with myself. In this period, however, I did not know how to do it.

But my escape was books, which I started reading really every day. Books about self-love, self-confidence and women's power. It started to dawn on me that I'm not the only one who struggles with wanting to give myself a lot more time, because if I give it to myself, if I give myself love and attention, everything around me will develop much better, because I'll be really happy inside .

And so I flew to Bali in September 2022 and left everything behind. I finished work and studies and decided to find a way to myself. This period was magical and challenging at the same time. But it brought into my life exactly what I was looking for.

In Bali, I saw different women from all over the world, how they dress, put on makeup or how they take care of themselves, that was the moment when I said to myself, why couldn't every woman do it this way. Why can't everyone just do it for themselves. Not for what others will think, but for how he will feel. So that they feel self-confident, divine, irresistible, and especially so that you can feel the love with which they indulge themselves in this care.

My life started to change the moment I started taking care of myself with love and giving myself what I need every day. I know how difficult it is sometimes to find this time, because life is fast and between all the responsibilities that we have to manage as women, it is sometimes difficult to find our personal time.

We are women and for me personally, women are the most inspiring beings who deserve to take care of themselves so that they can feel confident inside and out.

This is precisely why I decided to bring the MUSE brand to the Slovak and Czech markets, but it has a deeper meaning. Muse - SELF CARE LINGERIE, is more than underwear, it's an experience. An experience for women who want to take care of themselves with love, treat themselves to pampering and feel confident in any body.

We are a generation of women in which we face body problems head on, MUSE LINGERIE is a selection of underwear that is really beautiful and since it is the underwear we wear closest to the skin, it constantly reminds us of the beauty in ourselves.

We are a service that brings a new perspective to underwear shopping, promotes self-care and increases women's self-confidence. We are also coming up with a brand new product on the market, which is a monthly underwear subscription, where every month you will receive a luxury box as a surprise with underwear, but also with gifts to remind you of the importance of self-care and also with motivational contributions, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to be part of our community where we share self care tips for women.

MUSE LINGERIE is an experience designed for women to discover and learn more about what they love about themselves every month. We also focus on the promotion of non-sexualized underwear, as many brands are focused on the hypersexual image of underwear, which the market is saturated with, and our goal is the exact opposite.

I am excited and happy to be able to help women on their journey to self-confidence and remind them of their uniqueness and beauty and irresistibility through Muse underwear.