How did it all come about?

Muse, a project dedicated by women, for women. You might be wondering what Muse actually means. A muse is an inspiration, but in our presentation, you are a muse for yourself, your inspiration and a woman who wants to become the best version of yourself. 

I know how hard it is to feel this way because we are women, which is always a good enough excuse for anything haha. The problem, however, is how often we women struggle with accepting our own body and the related feelings we cultivate in ourselves.

Muse is not just a coincidence, it is my personal experience. For a long time, I literally struggled with the way I looked. Social media is a great place to instill in us the need to feel inadequate sometimes. This is also one of the main reasons why you don't see photos of women wearing our underwear on Muse. Our goal is not to show perfect bodies according to some set rules. Our goal is to show you the uniqueness of your body thanks to our Muse Box. 

A few years ago, I couldn't tell myself how beautiful I was in front of the mirror. Once it was because my hips are too wide or I wasn't allowed in the chest. I still don't understand who ever said what is too much and what is not.

We all go through a period when we feel sexier and then the exact opposite (we're women haha). But that's no reason to deny ourselves the best, and I mean that in every sphere. Let's treat ourselves to quality food and groceries, quality sleep or whatever our heart desires.

Let's not forget, but please, the love we show to our body from the outside as well. By wearing beautiful underwear and constantly reminding our minds that I AM THE ONE who deserves it. 

And that's how Muse was born. A place of inspiration for women, a place to find reasons every month to be the best version of yourself. The woman I want to look up to is myself. YOU are the MUSE. WE ARE THE MUST.

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